(English Sub) Woman Who Easily Gives It to a Man She’s Never Seen Before (2024)

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Film Semi Korea LK21 English Subtitle

Scene 1. (Married woman) A wife can’t control her sexual desires as she continues to seduce her lethargic husband, who is trying to sleep. But when there is no response from him, she tries to relieve her desires by masturbating. However, she is unable to cool down her heated body by herself, and when her husband goes to work the next day, she invites a man she met through a blind date app on her smart phone and has intense sex with him.

Scene 2. (Fake interview) After an interview with the popular AV actress Ji-na, Hoon-yi suddenly appears from under her bed during her photo shoot and hits on her, saying he wants to have sex with her. As he greedily caresses the actress, she looks at her staff, asking what is going on, but they just keep filming them with the camera. Ji-na is taken aback by the absurdity of this situation, but she becomes aroused by Hoon-yi’s continued caress and eventually begins to actively have sex with him.

Scene 3. (Revenge) Tae-dong is depressed after breaking up with his fiancé. Seung-hee, who was in a secret affair with Tae-dong, comforts him and has sex with him. But in fact, all of this is Seung-hee’s plan to destroy Tae-dong.

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