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JAV stands for Japanese Adult Video, the beginning of a pornographic film in japan is the beginning of the year 60s where some studios started producing porn movies special for the cinema adult with the title “pink films” with the rules of the genital parts should be censored, pink films also began to expand the genre to rape and bondage, but unfortunately, the pink films produced at low cost and most independently

In 1971, the major studio Nikkatsu enliven the industrial pink films, with the budget of the production is great, and a lot of producing romantic porn series

The term AV own new years 80s, where a porn movie in theaters already slumped, due to many porn movies is already on sale in the form of VHS and can be rented in rental2 video at a price that is much cheaper than a cinema ticket, to have the VCR and the TV can be enjoyed at home without the hassle of going to the cinema to watch AV. Even there was a rumor why VHS can be more popular and sell well compared to Betamax, because most AV produced only in the form of a VHS course

Industry and market AV increased drastically in the late 80s, where more and more new studios popping up moving in the field of porn, the mid – ‘ 80s also started its era of video games with the content of porn, where it-based computer that is considered strange by most japanese people. In the years 80s as well as content majalah2 erotic in japan increasingly vulgar

And now in the era of internet and dvd as well as blu ray, industrial JAV and market of his increasingly widespread, not only in this region of japan and surrounding the course but it permeates the entire world

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